The Best Relationship Ever

The best relationship you can EVER have is with Jesus. See, when you build a relationship with Jesus, you’re taking a closer step to God….the Father. Amen. And when you get closer to God, all kinds of good things start to happen in your life. In order to get closer to Him, one of the first things you must do is BELIEVE. Amen. Believe that God is able to make the impossible POSSIBLE. Believe that God can do what others cannot. Believe that He’s worthy to be praised. God can perform miracles. Trust me. I know. He’s done numerous ones for ME. And if He done it in the stories of the Bible & He’s doing it for me, don’t you think He’s able to do the same for YOU too? What He done back then, He’ll do the same again, again, again, AGAIN. Your blessings may be different from mine. But trust….no matter what you happen to be going through, God can fix it. Let God use you. Tell the devil get OFF of you. Let Go & Let God.