Senate approves $900 billion stimulus package, sending it to Trump – Business Insider

Faithful Revelation Against the Seven Deadly Sins of Christianity

At some stages in our journey, we may need to overcome the forces of greed, lust, pride or doubt in our hearts. At other times, we may receive the love, faith, joy or peace of God. Regardless of what God is doing, our call is to take it little by little, without getting stressed over the things we have yet to conquer or receive. We simply take the next step of faith.

A Message from Avon Regarding Intimates Orders

Hello, Avon fans! This just in:

Due to COVID-19, normal order fulfillment rates at the Hanes Distribution Center have been impacted and delays are anticipated for current Avon intimates orders on all Playtex, Maidenform and Bali products. Please note that intimates orders may not arrive in time for Christmas.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

We’re Still Taking Orders

Regardless of the circumstances, we’re still accepting orders. Please, visit my online store by clicking here.


If you’re unable to click on the link above, please copy and paste this url directly into your browser:

102-year-old New York woman born during Spanish Flu pandemic beats COVID-19 twice | WANE 15

I found this heart-warming article online and just had to share it. We all need some motivation and a smile from time to time. She is such a strong woman! It drove me to tears. This is a must read. Check it out.